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Stomachic Powder

Kamal Ayurvedic Herbs is proud to present premium quality Stomachic Powder that is made from pure and natural herbs which have several medicinal healing capacity. The extra ordinary Stomachic powder offered by us is marketed under the banner of Kaptone Batisa which has become popular due to its effectiveness. The easy availability and competitive prices of our Herbal Powder has placed us among the luminary Stomachic Powder manufacturers and suppliers from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Anorexia
  • Dyspepsia
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Atony of Rumen
  • General Debility fatigue and stress


  • To be given twice daily, either in luke warm water, curd, gur, feed on electuary
  • To be rubbed on the tongue in case of mouth infection


  • Cows, Buffaloes & Horses : 40 to 60 gms
  • Sheep& Goats : 20 to 30 gms
  • Dogs & Pigs : 10 to 15 gms


  • 1 Kg Poly pack
  • 20 Kg Poly Bag

Composition includes

Agni Dhau Pushp
Amritha Chhatra
Vibhitak Yugmkhanth
Rason Nisha
Kirat Krimighari
Avartani Kala Jeerak
Mustak Yavani
Tel Pam Haritaki
Plashpushp Dharti
Utkat Patra Kutaj
Lavana Sham Pak
Nausadar Shak Shreshthiha
Plandu Jatuk
Black Salt Nagar Motha
Madhura Mochak
Rock Salt Krishan
Nagar Lanka
Piplamool Akaliak


Acts on gastro-intestinal tract and liver Stimulates secretion of saliva, digestive juices in gastro-intestinal tract
Improves the primary and secondary contraction of the rumen Promotes efficient feed digestion
Intensifies ruminal movements Improves the viability of ruminal microflora
Facilitates passage of ingesto and expulsion of gasses Maintains proper balance between micro-organisms and pathogens in the G.I. Tract
Maintains the rodex potential of ruman and rumenal function Leads to better digestion and assimilation of feed