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We are one of the most well known manufacturers and suppliers of Ectoparasiticide which is an herbal medicine for skin infections for animals known as Kaptik lotion in the markets. The anti-pathogenic and vulnerary properties of our Kaptik lotion aids in simultaneous treatment of skin liaisons caused by ectoparasites due to superimposed pathogenic infections. It influences the osmotic process in the ectoparasites causing a visible shriveling of their bodies and eventually kills the parasite.


  • Good for skin infections
  • Prevents from lice, ticks, mites etc
  • For poultry and cattles
  • Saves from ectoparasites attack and re manifestation
  • Used as a prophylactic
  • Herbal
  • Non toxic


  • Effective against lice, ticks, mites and ectoparasites
  • In all type of animals poultry and pets

Directions to use

  • Shake well before use and prepare a 10 % solution
  • Rub the cotton with swab, brush, cloth on animals body
  • Allow the drug to act for 48 hours
  • Spray the lotion on the walls
  • Floor cracks and holes in the animal house should be sprayed
  • If required repeat

Packing :

  • 1 Litre Plastic Bottle
  • 5 Litre Plastic Bottle

Chemical composition

Ugmkanth 10
Kantaki 10
Raktpushpak 10
Marva panchang 10
Surasa seeds 10
Arisht 10